Bathroom Remodeling Services Lexington Ohio

In a home, bathrooms are the most-used places with decisively the highest traffic. Since they are a hub of activity, it is imperative to have everything in a bathroom in perfect working condition.

There are a number of home improvement services in Lexington, Ohio, that promise to deliver top quality workmanship on bathroom projects like toilet and faucet repairs, shower or tub replacements and venting fan upgrades, to name a few.

Remodeling and installation projects undertaken

Some of the areas where remodeling agencies show their expertise are detailed here.

Bathroom renovation

There are people who prefer to spend their free time on bathroom renovations themselves. But the availability of professionals who claim to do the job with utmost perfection and timeliness has influenced many of the hobbyists to turn to these remodeling agencies, instead.

Bathroom renovation services include

  • Installation of a brand new shower door, toilet or tub
  • Laying new tiles on bathroom floors
  • Cleaning grout
  • Installation or replacement of faucets and showerheads
  • Repair work on drywalls
  • Addition of a mirror or similar vanity items

Bathroom fan repair and setup

Bathroom activities like steam showers and baths create a lot of moisture in the air. If this is left unchecked, the moisture could be converted into mold and mildew.

A good remedy for this is to install a reliable ventilator fan that improves air circulation and removes unwanted odors.  The bathroom fan also prevents settling of condensation on walls, windows, and ceilings. Hence, ceilings and walls are protected from peeling of paint, as well.


Faulty caulking leads to water leakage from tubs. The water penetrates into walls and under the floors, leading to damage of wood and wallboard. If the faulty tub is on the upper floor bathroom, the downstairs ceiling could also be damaged. Bathroom renovation agencies are experts in restoring caulking issues which cause mold and water damage.

Repairs for drywall water damage

Experienced home improvement professionals assist in fixing wallboards that may be damaged by water leakage, daily wear and tear, and damage caused by rodents or poor ventilation. The source of leaks is also investigated and repaired.

Light fixtures

A brand new light fixture can brighten up any dull room.  Bathroom remodeling services assist in upgrading bathrooms with new or repaired lighting. Customers are also assured that the electrical wiring and connections will be intact, posing no complications later on.

Repairs for leakage from faulty plumbing

Plumbing services offered by the agencies include,

  • Leaking faucet repair
  • Replacement of pump of the sump to prevent basement flooding
  • Installation or repair of sink
  • Insulation of water heaters and pipes to reduce costs on energy
  • Repair of minor leaks in pipes and other fixtures
  • Repair of toilets

Repair of tiles

Tiling is the most suitable solution for high foot-traffic floors. Tiles add beauty to the flooring and also ease the cleaning process. Bathroom Remodeling agencies offer services for the repair and installation of ceramic, porcelain, stone or glass tiles.

Service areas

Bathroom renovation agencies assist in the transformation of bathrooms at residential and commercial spaces.

  • At residential spaces – Apart from bathrooms, some agencies provide renovation for attics, patios, living and dining rooms, basement, bedrooms, garage and kitchen.
  • At commercial spaces – Renovation is offered in spaces related to food service, small and large corporate offices, hotels, manufacturing units, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, financial institutions and government organizations.

Special offers

Some of the bathrooms remodeling agencies offer special packages or promotions for a specific duration. It could be in the form of discounts in rates or offers of additional services for the same charge.

Bathroom renovation agencies

Bathroom remodeling contractors and agencies are jacks of all trades, simply because there are such a large variety of services required in the restroom space of a house, like plumbing, cabinetry, electrical services, painting works, ventilation systems, flooring, etc.

In advance of hiring a contractor, it is advisable to identify whether a complete renovation is needed, or some minor changes would be sufficient. Also, pinning down an estimate for expenses, visualizing how the final outcome will appear and setting a realistic time frame are imperative for the success of the project.

Bathroom contractors can assist customers in making the right choices, procuring materials and end-to-end management of the project. Hence, it is necessary to use your best judgment during the short-listing of handymen.

Knowing what you want is equally important, as something which is suitable for you might not cross the minds of the contractors. So pen it all down before getting in touch with the agency to achieve style combined with comfort.


When identifying bathroom remodeling agencies, it is advisable to pick a service that has passed screening processes like:

  • Licensing – Agencies should hold all valid state-level licenses to carry out work in the trade and service area.
  • Legal search – The service should not have a history of bankruptcy filings or other state level legal judgements.
  • Criminal search – The agency should not have any records of criminal activity in the state.
  • Identity verification – The Social Security Numbers of the business owners should be verified to confirm their identities.

There are multiple home improvement advisory websites that perform these initial levels of screenings before hosting the addresses and contact details of bathroom renovation agencies. The information available on these websites can be used effectively to short-list an agency for the desired remodeling project you wish for.