Bathroom Remodeling Services in Mansfield Ohio

Bathroom remodeling is something homeowners have to worry about pretty frequently. A lot of people believe that a person’s house is judged by his or her bathroom. While this might be a stretch, one can’t exclude the fact that bathrooms do matter.

Before going into the specifics of bathroom remodeling in Mansfield, Ohio, some of the most basic dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling are extensively covered in the following few paragraphs.

A few interesting pointers would be, whatever you do, ensure that your bathroom is optimized to consume less energy and waste minimal water. Make use of the latest trends in design so that you get good value for your money.

When you’re devoting your finances towards a home remodeling venture, you would like to be convinced that the outcome not only pleases you but also adds beauty to your home and save you money on power and water too.

These steps will help you benefit from the latest technologies, design trends, and products.

Budget for worst-case scenarios

One of the biggest problems bathrooms face is hidden water damage. The most likely culprits of this are running faucets or faulty showers. Often bad plumbing can also result in this.

Usually, an experienced contractor does a lot of exploratory work before going right in with the work. This means that if there are hidden pitfalls, they will be discovered. If there aren’t, you’ll have a nice cushion of cash to keep you happy.

Don’t keep the toilet in plain sight

A master bathroom is usually the most stylish part of any house. So the best thing would be to keep the toilet behind a fixture, say a room within a room. A small wall could also be a great idea.

Choose proper surfaces

Master bathroom surfaces do much more than simply look pleasing to the eye. They take a lot of strain and abuse over the years. So, while choosing the surface, make sure that they are good to look at, but can also take the burden. Experts recommend porcelain tiles.

The shower is where you splurge

The Romans liked their bathtubs, but those days are over. People lead busy lives, and they can practically count off the top of their heads the number of times they’ve used the tub in the last many months. So the best thing to do is spend money on a good shower.

Measurements are recommended at 4’ by 6’, larger than the standard 3’ by 3’, to ensure that you get the proper and fully sensual experience. If you increase the size a little bit more to 7’ by 5’, then you can even do away with shower doors, since then you can aim the shower to ensure limited spatter outside the shower area.

This reduces your expenses by a sizeable chunk.

Keep at least one tub in the house. It’s best to have it in the master bathroom.

Consider water efficiency

Shower heads, toilets, and faucets have become increasingly water efficient over the recent years, mostly owing to EPA standards. The EPA marks out products with increased efficiency, up to 20% more than what they prescribe.

These markings are called WaterSense labeling, and this helps us understand what is better for the environment. Water efficiency is no joke.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, toilets with WaterSense markings save the average family over 1,600 gallons of water. This translates to substantial savings in terms of money as well, with over a thousand dollars per family being saved.

Being efficient is something that always helps. Water efficiency helps both the environment as well as the pocketbook. Could it be any better?

The above are simply a few of the things that anyone wishing to remodel their bathroom needs to be aware of. Once that is taken care of, what are the places where people often go wrong? The following is a small compilation of what needs to be avoided when refurbishing the bathroom.

Don’t skimp on labor

People often tend to hire poor labor or want to do a lot of the work themselves even when they might not have the requisite talent for the same. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure you hire proper people to carry out the work. Good labor will pay rich dividends for years on end, in terms of quality.

Don’t buy online

Don’t buy from online mega stores without once seeing the products or the brands yourself. While it may be cheap online, there are a lot of extremely unethical sellers who are just out to make a quick buck at your expense. So whatever you do, go to the local store, check out the brands, get some advice from people who’ve done it before and then spend your money online.

Storage Is important

Running out of the bathroom to grab a towel isn’t something you want. Do not forget to keep space within the bathroom for a cabinet or a locker of sorts. A medicine cabinet wouldn’t be too amiss either.

Don’t skimp on materials

A lot of people skimp on the materials. But be warned that in the long run, the bills tend to pile up. Cheaper materials don’t last that long and eat into the maintenance bill.

Paying through the nose once is usually a better deal than having to remodel the bathroom every other year, simply because the materials did not last that long.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

You might be the picture of good health today, but that doesn’t mean that this will last. And bathrooms are meant to last. So the best thing to do would be to incorporate factors of Universal Design while you remodel the bathroom.

Even if you don’t want an old person’s bathroom, a few things would not be amiss, including an iron rod here and there to hold on to, and a bench. These can serve other purposes as well. Keeping the basic structure in place is good, in case there is a need for it in the future.

These are not things that people usually think about when they decide to remodel their bathrooms. But it pays to think ahead and plan accordingly.