Dont Get Fooled by the Outer Cover Types of Home Inspections

Is your humble abode in Mansfield Ohio the ideal home? This variety of home inspections guide could let you know!

Investing in a house is one of the most pioneer decisions that anyone can take. Sometimes the house that is seemingly perfect may be accompanied by faults that will haunt you later. Thorough home inspections could save you from these troubles.

What is a home inspection?

Home inspections are systematic but non-invasive examinations that are conducted by a certified home inspector. These inspectors look at every possible area where a house (especially a new one) might be lacking.

A written document is then given to the client. Home inspections note the exact conditions of the house at that time. They do not guarantee anything for the future like the longevity of appliances.

Types of home inspections

There are several kinds of home inspections that can be conducted. Here are some of them:

Home buyer’s inspection

These are the most common type of inspections that are carried out in most countries.  A prospective purchaser hires an inspector to examine the prevailing conditions of the house. This ensures that the buyer doesn’t seal the deal on fraudulent or substandard housing. If the problems in the house are not very severe, home inspections can serve as a powerful tool to negotiate prices.

Home seller’s inspection

Somebody who has decided to put his house up for sale can also carry out inspections. A home inspector is appointed by the seller to identify every major and minor problem in the house. The problems are fixed, and the house is brought to its best quality. Some home inspectors also provide “move-in certified” labels that offer assurance to the buyer.

Structural inspection

The foundation of every residential area is of utmost importance. A strong structure and foundation are the marks of a good home. Structural inspections are carried out to ensure that the foundation of the house meets quality standards. A house with a faltering structure may be unsellable or even hazardous to the community.

Structural analysis also covers areas where repairs may be needed like staircases, roofs, basements etc. Issues like sagging beams, cracked frames, and structural failure due to insect rots etc., are reported by a structural inspector.

Plumbing inspection

Sometimes while buying a house, certain unforeseen details may pass the common eye. The condition of plumping and drainage is one of them. This kind of inspection covers the operations of the plumbing system in the house.

The inspector will report any damage that is noticed and recommend repairs. Blocked pipes, faulty pipe connections etc., are all checked through a plumbing inspection.

HVAC inspections

In all modern houses, the heat ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system plays a crucial role. The inspector carries out visual, as well as operational examinations, to see if the appliances are working efficiently.


These are also known as Real Estate Owned (REO) inspections. These are state licensed home inspections that are carried out with great scrutiny by professionals.

Disaster inspections

This is a significant form of inspection. It is carried out soon after severe natural calamities like earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis have occurred. All buildings in the affected area are inspected for damages. The severity is noted and steps are carried out to ensure timely repairs and safety.

Four-point inspection

Sometimes, insurance companies demand an inspection of certain areas of the house before guaranteeing insurance to the homeowners. As the name suggests, four areas to be inspected are listed by the company.

The usual areas covered include plumbing, HVAC systems, electrical systems etc. These are usually carried out in houses that are only two decades old or younger.

Pre-delivery inspection

These are conducted on houses that are newly constructed. The buyer is given the liberty to carry out an inspection of the house before sealing the deal. This gives them the satisfaction that all the terms in the contract have been met.

Eleventh-month Inspection

Some states in the United States of America require the builder to ensure a warranty of one year for every new residential property. A thorough inspection is carried out in the eleventh month of the warranty period. This is done to check if there are any damages that will rely on warranty services.

Thermal imaging inspection

Specialized infrared cameras are used to conduct thermal imaging inspections. This kind of inspection gives you an idea about the energy losses of the house. Moisture leakage, heat loss and gain, faulty electrical connections are observed through this thermal image inspection. The problematic areas covered are mostly not visible to the naked eye.

Termite inspection

Termite inspection or woodwork inspection is carried out to see if any wooden appliance or furniture has suffered the torment of termites. The inspector will inform you if some structure in your house has been rendered faulty by termites. A termite inspection is especially advisable in wooden houses or homes with wooden interiors.

Radon inspection

Radon is a radioactive gas that usually accumulates in areas that are made of granite. Radon accumulations are also common in confined places of the house like basements, garages, and attics. High levels of radon could be harmful to the inhabitants of the house.

Tree health inspection

Tree health inspection is conducted to check the health of a nearby trees on the property. It exceeds the scope of general home inspections. Tree health inspections are carried out by certified arborists.

Pool and spa inspections

These are not covered under the general home inspections. Swimming pools that a house may have are usually inspected to check quality and safety standards. The same is done for spas if the house possesses any.

Why carry out home inspections?

Nowadays, the law permits several kinds of home inspections. Professional inspectors are available for each one of them. It is wise to have an inspection of a house, especially before buying it. A home inspection will make sure that your house is safe and protect your insurance. Spend a little on home inspection today for a better tomorrow.


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