Bathroom Remodeling Things to Think About


There is a long list of things to take into consideration before remodeling your bathroom. Even with this list I have provided, there are may be many other factors to consider. Can I take on this task myself? if not, How do I find a reliable, knowledgeable and honest contractor that wont scam me? How long will it take? I cant be without a bathroom during this remodeling.

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According to the Wall Street Journal a bathroom remodel is the best thing you can do to your home to increase its value and get a great return on the money you invested. Home remodeling is a huge industry and the reason for this is because home owners find that they are able to substantially increase the values of their homes by doing simple cosmetic updates.

Things to Consider

  • Maintenance of plumbing valves and shut offs

    • Does the inside of your vanity have water damage?
    • Is your floor buckling, springy or have soft spots?.

Leaking Bathroom ValveOld plumbing valves will become corroded from the chemicals in your water and will eventually begin to leak. It is always a good idea to have all shut off valves replaced or inspected when you replace your faucets or toilet.





  • Leaking faucets

    • Staying awake at night?
    • Can’t seem to get the water to shut of no matter how hard you turn the handle?
    • Can not figure out why your water bill is high? or your well pump runs more than it should causing your electric bill to be higher than normal?

Leaking water can become very annoying to many not to mention increase you water or electric bills. Water leaks are typically Dripping Faucet
caused by worn rubber washers or grommets that are inside the valve housing. Depending on the type of fixture, sometimes washers can be changed.

Leaking water can cause mold as well as damage to floors, drywall, ceilings and rot wood studs and joist over a period of time. If you have witnessed wet ares in your home you should always investigate it yourself or have a professional take a look and have the issue corrected as soon as possible to alleviate any potential damage to your home.


  • Moisture saturated drywall

    • Has it created a hiding place for black mold or other bacteria?

Bathroom MoldChances are your bathroom walls are drywall or plaster and both can be hiding places for mold. Mold can be very difficult to see especially if it is hiding behind ceramic tiles, inside your walls or even in your attic if your bathroom exhaust fan is blowing moisture up there.




  • Bathroom exhaust fan

    • Do you have one? Is it vented properly?
    • is moisture being blown into your attic space and not properly vented?
    • Is it noisy?
    • Full of dust balls? Could this be a hazard?
  • Water Closet (toilet)

    • Does your toilet water run constantly?
    • Is there water stains on your floor around the base?
    • Does your wax ring need replaced?
  • Vanity

    • Chips or cracks?
    • Paint or wood damage?
  • Lighting

    • Is your bathroom too dark?
  • Return on investment (ROI)

    • Will a bathroom remodel increase the value of my home?
    • How much will it cost?
    • What all should I replace to get the best value?
      • Does the water closet (toilet) really need replaced?
      • Only replace the sinks and faucets?
      • Shower or Tub?
      • Drywall to green board (moisture resistant) or cement board? What the heck is cement board used for?
      • Replace the flooring? What is the best flooring for a bathroom?
      • Do you have carpet? – Does your bathroom smell?
      • Vanity and counter top?
      • Medicine cabinet?
      • Wall tiles? Do I really like these? the color from the 70″s or 80″s?


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