Remodeling Your Kitchen Made Easy

There is a possibility that you would like to remodel your kitchen because you feel that it is outdated and you would like it to look modern to keep up with the changing times. In order to choose the right things that you ought to do so that you can remodel your kitchen is to make sure that you have proper knowledge about each aspect of the kitchen that you might want to check out.

Cabinet Types

There are four cabinet types that you might want to consider. These 4 cabinet types are the following:

  • Tall  If you would like cabinets that can store items of various lengths, this is the right cabinet that you should install in your kitchen. Do remember that you may place it on the side so that you can correctly store your broom, your mop and other cleaning items.
  • Base  There are standard sizes for the base cabinet. This is 24″ deep and 36″ tall. There may be times when you can change the measurements a bit but you cannot change it too much or it will not be a base cabinet anymore.
  • Wall  This is the cabinet type that you are going to place obviously on the wall. Do remember that you may increase the depth of this cabinet type a bit depending on what you need.
  • Custom Made If you have some items that you are going to store in your kitchen that is too small or too big, you may opt for a custom made cabinet that will fit your every need.

Wood Types

Now that you have already considered the various cabinet types that you can install in your kitchen, you also have to consider what your cabinet would be made out of. While there are a lot of aluminum and steel kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of people who would rather choose wood.

You might want to choose natural hardwood in order to lessen the severity of how aluminum and metal may look like in your kitchen. Do remember that there are different characteristics that will make each cabinet type unique. These characteristics will improve the appearance of the wood overall. Here are some of the types of wood you ought to look for:

  • Cherry  If you would like a wood type that is a bit tan in color, then you can use this type of wood. Do remember that it becomes darker as it ages and this is how you distinguish the age of the wood
  • Maple  This is another wood type that is highly popular. This is one of the favorites that people prefer because of how well it blends. It can blend in with other finishes very well.
  • Oak  You can immediately tell if the wood is made of oak because of its strong features. You can tell that the pattern is yellowish-brown and it can be a bit different. Do remember that this is the type of wood wherein you can see wormholes, knot holes, and intense colors in some parts of the wood.

Now that you know the various wood types that you can choose, it will be up to you to decide which one will look great with the rest of your kitchen.

Do you know that when you upgrade your kitchen you are also increasing the value of your home? It would highly depend on the items that you will use. Basically the cabinets, counters, and all the other items that you will place in your kitchen will also be considered. If you maintain your kitchen, the resale value of your home will be much higher.

Inexpensive DIY Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Here are some of the ideas that you can use so that you do not spend a lot of money on remodeling your kitchen:

  • Use Faux Steel  If you would like your whole home to look like it is made out of aluminum and steel, you can purchase faux steel online and you can cut according to your preferences. You can then place it over your counters and some of your kitchen appliances.
  • Painted Floor  There is a chance that you would like to change the overall appearance of your home and you would like to do it by painting your floors yourself. A little bit of artistic talent will go a long way?
  • Change Lighting  There is a chance that you would want to change the lighting of your kitchen because this will change the way that your kitchen looks like. If you would make the lights a bit more dramatic than usual, the overall look of your kitchen will change considerably.

Counter Types and Costs

You cannot remodel your kitchen by just focusing on the walls, flooring, and cabinets alone. You also need to focus on your counters. There are different counter types that you ought to consider:

  • Cutting Board  This is the perfect counter for you if you would like your whole kitchen to have a rustic feel. You can be sure that it will look great with traditional designs. You can allocate about $35 – $70 per square foot when you install this as your kitchen counter.
  • Marble  The main reason why people choose marble counters is simply because it looks great. It can make any home look elegant. This is actually a good counter to use for people who love baking. This costs about $40 – $100 per square foot when it is installed.
  • Granite  The main reason why granite is also expensive is because each one is different from each other. You can also be sure that it will be able to withstand the different things that you may do on your counter. This costs about $35 – $100 per square meter when you install it.
  • Formica  This is also known as laminated counter and this is the choice of a lot of people not only because of its low cost but also because it is easy to clean.


There may still be other counter types that you can consider. Make sure that you choose the right one for you based on your preferences and you will not have any problem with your kitchen remodeling.